Genius Roll Up Insects Screen for Windows & Doors from Italy

Customizable Retractable Screens For Your Home

Genius Retractable Screens are unlike any screens on the market. Our smooth sliding screens fit nearly any doorway or window and disappear in the natural recesses of the frame making them virtually invisible — there when you need it, and disappear when you don’t. Genius screens are easy to install, provide quiet, smooth operation, and give complete protection against airborne pests.

With Genius Retractable Screens, you can have the best of everything – fresh air, great appearance and functional protection.

Retractable Window Screens

Vertical, horizontal, manual or automatic, Genius Retractable Screens has the window screen for any application. Our unique Auto Glide Retractable Screen is a unique product that makes using your window screen even easier.

Retractable Door Screens

Retractable Door Screens have a well-established reputation in Europe for great quality and a refined look. Genius Retractable Screen Systems has introduced its own pleated screen for the U.S. – the Sheer Screen Advance – with several new features never before available.

The Sheer Screen Advance by Genius is the first pleated screen in the U.S. market to be able to be cut to size on site rather than being pre-cut at the factory. If the doorway is smaller than anticipated, the Sheer Screen Advance can be reduced in height during installation by as much as 15.75″ (40 cm) with no loss of functionality. The Sheer Screen Advance does not have a bottom guide rail. The track installs flat to the ground so there is no runner to trip or step over. This makes the Sheer Screen wheelchair accessible.

The construction of the screen uses only the best materials available and the screen moves back and forth with just a gentle touch. And, for those applications looking for a distinctive look, the Sheer Screen Advance provides a fresh contemporary look not available from any other screen on the market today.