Heavy Duty Folding Door with Glass Insert

Our Heavy Duty Folding Doors with Glass Insert are trouble free. Each door is custom made to fit your opening, so that you don’t have to make your opening fit the door. Unlike swinging and bi-fold doors, which protrude into a room, folding doors do not interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances.

There is no floor track to accumulate dirt. No troublesome pivot hardware to allow the door to fall down. Panels stay strong and straight through the years, providing quiet, easy and reliable operation. And, they are easy to install.

With a spectrum of models, sizes, and surfacing options designed to accommodate just about any doorway, closet, over-the-counter divider and room divider, Raphyten Marketing’s Heavy Duty Folding Doors with Glass Insert have provided efficient and economical use of space for hundreds of customers nationwide.

Colors: Lauan, Narra, White Teak, Duco and Duco Nylex.