Kronospan Laminated Wood Flooring From Germany

Features and innovations that make Krono Original? the World’s favorite laminate flooring:

Narrow Plank
Create an elegant parquet look with new Kronostep Narrow, with panels that are only 123 mm wide and a range of exotic décors and surface finishes which make it perfect for
contemporary interior design schemes. Panel size: 1285 x 123 mm

Endless Beauty
Giving the impression of endless planking with invisible short edges and matching décor, the bevelled long sides make a perfect plank effect.

All Krono Original? laminate floors are put through a series of rigorous tests in order
to comply with international quality standards, which is why we give an extensive guarantee with every product.

Stain and imprint resistance
Whatever might be spilt, be it red wine, oil or jam, there is no need to panic; it can be easily removed. Krono original? is also abrasion resilient, robust and proven to be one of the most resistant floorings available.

Aqua Stop HDF Moisture protection
Impregnated HDF substrate provides maximum protection against swelling as a result of moisture penetration. The Aqua Stop system guarantees maximum protection against moisture on all Krono Original? floors.

Perfect natural look
Krono Original? Quality gives you a perfect and natural look thanks to its design with extra long end pieces (min. 12 cm). In comparison to conventional quality, no disturbing “block-effect” appears with Krono Original’s? laminate parquet.

Invisible joints
On professionally installed Krono Original? you can clearly see the quality, for instance the joints in between the boards are almost invisible to the human eye thanks to the precision of register from our high-tech production team. Not only does the floor look great, it is also protected from stains and moisture.